iCare Random Acts of Kindness Campaign

3rd May 2018

In keeping with our mission “to use the power of our people to create a better world” and offering opportunities for ‘acts of kindness’ - iCare recently launched a Random Acts of Kindness Campaign.


iCare has developed business sized Random Acts of Kindness cards and will be delivering one act of kindness per month to a member of staff – someone who might be going through a tough time or someone who deserves a special recognition for being particularly helpful or supportive to others. iCare will acknowledge this by way of a token gift such as a bunch of flowers, gift voucher, book or some other small gift unique to that person.


Recipients are encouraged to repeat the gesture and ‘pay it forward’ in the community so that our acts of kindness gain momentum and have a wider impact. This doesn’t have to be a gift but could include helping an elderly person carry their groceries, picking up litter, doing a favour without asking for anything in return, paying for someone’s morning coffee, giving up your seat on the bus for another person or taking the time to listen to someone.


We are encouraging all our iCare followers to spread positivity and kindness in your communities, homes and workplaces whenever possible!


Kindness - it all starts with one!  

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